When you start your own business as a Freelance Makeup Artist you need all the help you can get!! At Artistry of Makeup Academy (AMA) the team are committed to supporting their students to successfully begin their journey as Makeup Artists. When you study with AMA your are invited to attend our Inspire Sessions free of charge!

So…… What’s an Inspire Session? Well, I’m glad you asked!!!

Inspire Sessions are an added bonus of studying with AMA. During these sessions you will be inspired by Principal and Founder of AMA Leanne Bennett as she shares her business knowledge in small digestible workshops that address a range of topics from mindset and communication to growth and sustainability.

You will also hear from successful Makeup Artists who have a wealth of knowledge and industry experience. These artists will present speciality makeup masterclasses where you will learn invaluable makeup tips and tricks, as well as learn about the way they maintain and grow their own freelance businesses.

But most of all these sessions are re-energizing, fun and creative!!

We love inspiring those around us

Follow our journey

Artistry of Makeup Academy